Usage Areas Of Algan Hemostatic Agent

  • In surgery rooms
  • In all operations requiring ambulatory and emergency response
  • Traumatic injuries related to firearms
  • In all dental operations and oral surgeries
  • In firearm shooting areas, as an emergency kit item
  • In the first intervention to persons with bleeding who is injured during military practices.
  • This is vital to prevent the casualty due to blood loss. (As the product does not cause immediate pain, its use is important for the secrecy of the operation)
  • In police force organizations, as the first interventions to injured or bleeding people in social or individual police cases.
  • In the emergency kit of mine clearance and explosives disposal teams working in the field
  • In border military and police stations where emergency response facilities are limited, in outposts far from the center and individual patrolling officers.
  • In the first aid kits of all vehicles on duty
  • In medical centers, units, etc.
  • In medical personnel who is responsible for the first intervention in military bases
  • In infirmaries of sea cruises
  • In all vehicles performing patrol and control duties
  • In all types of aircraft for users and technical personnel
  • In military and civilian search and rescue teams
  • In natural disaster relief personnel
  • In Intelligence personnel
  • In the first aid cabinets of companies
  • In the first aid cabinets of houses
  • In the first aid cabinets of cars
  • In the first aid kits of athletes engaged in outdoor sports
  • In hospitals, clinics, polyclinics, and health centers
  • In fire brigades
  • In Veterinary clinics

AHA hemostatic medicinal products are used to stop all minor and major bleedings

Produced in seven different sizes with different amounts of liquid stopper impregnated, the liquid ALGAN HEMOSTAT is impregnated into a special knitted sponge that provides the quick solution in cases of traumatic bleeding and situations that requires compression. During surgery, the sponge impregnated ALGAN HEMOSTAT can be compressed directly to the bleeding sites.

Specially designed AHA models provide great ease of use in traumatic cuts or injuries in cases of emergency bleeding and military injuries.