Product Types

Hemostatic Agent Powder


Product Description: Algan Hemostatic Agent Powder is an absorbable medical device consisting of plantbased powdered particles designed to control bleeding during injuries and surgical procedures.

These special particles rapidly absorb blood fluid in when they come into contact with the blood and adhere rapidly to bleeding tissues and form a mechanical gel barrier. This gelled structure also augments blood clotting and helps stop bleeding in a short period of time. Algan hemostatic agent powder particles are rapidly absorbed in the body and excreted subsequently.

  1. 3g, 5g, or 10 gr of powder is filled in a spray bellows applicator. The air pressure created by this applicator rapidly sprays the product over the bleeding area that provides homogeneous spread of the powder and quick acting of hemostatic effect. Along with the powder filled bellows applicator, two applicator tips of different lengths are also supplied which are handy to reach deeper bleeding sites.

  2. Algan Hemostat powder granules provided in special durable alloy pouch is applied directly to bleeding areas. Granule hemostatic powder supplied as 15g and 20g in a pouch is directly poured onto the bleeding areas that helps control of bleeding rapidly and effectively in traumatic injuries.

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Algan Hemostatic Agent Powder's shelf life is 4 years

Hemostatic Agent Foam


Product Description:

Algan Hemostatic Foam is an absorbable hemostatic product, which is manufactured with an advanced technology by purifications of special polysaccharides. It is highly biocompatible and absorbed within the body. Algan Hemostatic Agent Foam forms a mechanical gel barrier to control of bleeding during surgical intervention and those due to traumatic injuries. With its special formulation, it acts quickly and shortens the clotting process. Algan Hemostatic Agent Foam is an absorbable hemostatic pad with a natural adhesion ability. Algan Hemostatic Agent Foam is easy to use without a pretreatment requirement. It can be cut and reshaped by the surgeon/applicant according to the size and nature of the bleeding area.

Algan Hemostatic Agent Sponge provides an easy and practical use without requiring any preconditioned or pretreatment process.

  • 100 % plant based
  • Acts quickly and effectively in control of leaking and bleeding
  • Can be left in the body after application as it helps prevent the risk of post-operative bleeding
  • Adheres to the application sites due to its natural adhesion ability with its polysaccharide components
  • Biocompatible and non-pyrogenic product as it exhibits good compatibility with blood and tissue.
  • Does not contain any contents of human or animal origins
  • Absorbed quickly in the body
  • Protects risky areas by forming a physical barrier
  • A self-life of 4 years

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Algan Hemostatic Agent Foam's shelf life is 4 years.

Hemostatic Agent Liquid


Product description:

Algan Hemostatic Agent Liquid is a 100 % plant-based bioabsorbable medical device, which is designed to control bleeding resulting from surgical procedures and wounds.

The Algan Hemostatic Agent Liquid is impregnated with sponges prior to its use and the impregnated sponge is compressed on the bleeding area. In addition to compression on the bleeding area, the Algan Hemostatic AgentLiquid can be applied to bleeding areas at the same time for additional hemostatic effects. Due to such an easy application, the physician/nurse can prefer either method of use.


The Algan Hemostatic Agent Liquid is indicated to stop all types of bleedings, from minor to severe. It is used as an auxiliary hemostatic device in surgical interventions (except neurological and eye interventions) when compression, ligation or other routine surgical hemostatic procedures are ineffective in the control of capillary, vein or arterial bleeding.

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Algan Hemostatic Agent Liquid's shelf life is 4 years.

Liquid Agent Impregnated Gauze-Songe



  • A self-life of 4 years
  • Can be carried easily by one person
  • No additional precaution or special enclosure required for the transport of packages
  • No special training required for use
  • Not affected by harsh storage conditions. Can be stored in hot, cold and humid environments
  • Provides condent results in patients with hemophilia and diabetes and who use blood thinners
  • Gives good results in hypothermic injuries
  • No placement problems
  • Provides rapid coagulation in arterial and injuries and prevents re-bleeding
  • No heat generation and no cause of pain during use
  • No cause of additional irritations and destructions in the wounded area, but increases tissue healing speed
  • Does not require additional precautions during and after intervention
  • Easy to clean after use in the trauma area (gel)
  • Package designing for easy opening, but impact resistant
  • Applied easily by one person to another or to himself/herself
  • Easy clean of application sites (absorbed in the body in case of internal use)
  • Does not cause side effects including allergic reactions
  • No risk following absorption by the body

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Liquid Agent

Impregnated Gauze-Songe's shelf life is 4 years.